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Goodbye moth plants!

Goodbye moth plants!

Across Auckland communities, getting rid of pesky moth plants has become a top priority. Originally brought in for their looks, these plants have gone rogue, threatening native habitats with their fast growth.  Moth plants might seem harmless, but they’re sneaky – even one left standing can spawn numerous new seeds.

To stop their spread, Wiri Business engaged the services of NZ Biosecurity Services Limited (NZBSL) to remove them from the backyards of Wiri businesses. From March to May, NZBSL collected a massive 6913 pods!

Thanks again to the NZBSL team and the Wiri Businesses that got in contact to get their moth plants removed. This is the second year that Wiri Business has joined the war on moth plants, and we look forward to supporting the environment in other ways for the rest of 2024

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