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Partnering with CrimeWatch to make Wiri safer

Partnering with CrimeWatch to make Wiri safer

Wiri Business and CrimeWatch have joined forces to bolster security in the Wiri industrial precinct, offering local businesses a powerful tool to combat crime. This partnership leverages our established security infrastructure with CrimeWatch’s cutting-edge AI-powered CCTV monitoring.

Wiri Business, led by its elected board and managed by a dedicated team, has long prioritised security for its members. Their existing initiatives include security patrols and a network of CCTV cameras strategically placed throughout the business district. This partnership elevates these efforts by introducing advanced AI monitoring technology.

CrimeWatch takes the reins on monitoring 15 critical camera locations within the Wiri precinct. Their advanced AI system goes beyond just recording footage. It actively analyses the video feed, intelligently detecting the presence of people or vehicles where they shouldn’t be. This real-time analysis allows CrimeWatch operators to swiftly respond to potential threats.

The escalation protocols implemented ensure a rapid and effective response. Upon detecting suspicious activity, CrimeWatch operators will:

  • Alert security patrols, who can quickly reach the scene to deter or apprehend any criminal activity.
  • Notify the police when necessary, expediting their response time.
  • Document the incident by compiling detailed reports.
  • Secure and distribute video footage, providing valuable evidence for investigations.

This multifaceted approach effectively tackles a range of criminal activities that plague businesses:

Trespass: The AI system can detect unauthorized individuals entering restricted areas, deterring vandalism and potential theft.

Burglary: Early detection of break-in attempts allows for swift intervention, minimizing damage and loss.

Theft of Vehicles: The AI can identify suspicious activity around parked vehicles, allowing security to intervene before a theft occurs.

Tagging and Rubbish Dumping: The ability to monitor activity discourages illegal dumping and vandalism, keeping the business district clean and professional.

This partnership empowers Wiri businesses to significantly enhance their security posture. By leveraging CrimeWatch’s AI technology, businesses can benefit from:

Proactive Deterrence:  The system’s real-time detection discourages criminal activity before it even begins.

Faster Response Times: Rapid notification of security and police ensures a swift response to incidents.

Enhanced Evidence Collection: Documented reports and readily available video footage assist investigations.

Wiri Business Association Manager, Gary Holmes, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are thrilled to collaborate with CrimeWatch. Their AI technology significantly bolsters our existing security measures, providing our members with a robust and proactive security solution.”

Alan Young, from CrimeWatch, echoed this sentiment: “We’re proud to partner with Wiri Business to make Wiri a safer place for businesses. Our AI technology is a powerful tool, and we’re confident it will significantly deter crime in the precinct.”

Wiri businesses interested in accessing CrimeWatch’s advanced monitoring technology can contact Alan Young at alanyoung@crimewatch.co.nz. This partnership signifies a significant step forward for Wiri’s business community, fostering a safer and more secure environment for all.

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